Christian Education

We have many options to choose from.  We have Sonday School Classes for children and adults at 9:30am, Children's Church at 10:30am, Wednesday night classes at 7:00pm. There is always a place for you to come and be fed.

Study Material


This book will teach you how to give a proper place to money in our lives. It's not a get rich quick book but solid teaching.


This book is about being SMART with money and learning what money is all about. It's straight to the point and candid. Don't be confused about money and its role in your life. For a limited time ONLY 99 cents on Kindle! Available in paperback. AUDIBLE will be ready any day now.


The Assignment is a fantastic biblically based study for the individual or small groups. It addresses the big questions such as why are we born and why do bad things happen to good people? It is eye opening, full of inspiration and challenges. Discover your purpose in life. It can change your world!


Shake the Heavens, Move the Earth is a great companion and follow-up to The ASSIGNMENT? This book helps us understand how to accomplish our assignments with power and authority. If we know why we are here from God’s point of view, then we must know how to go about accomplishing His will on the earth. It draws us into God’s purposes and mechanisms that Jesus left us to usher in the spiritual Kingdom of God. These are exciting times but we must be prepared for the amazing things we are about to discover. Are you ready?


There aren’t many publications on the market today that can explain the causes of strongholds in the way that Holes in the Soul does. It’s powerful and revealing. Imprints can be the root of many thought processes that we inadvertently believe to be normal. You will be amazed once you discover what makes you think the way you do. It can change your life and perhaps free you from bondages you never knew you had. Dr. Devon Blanton carefully dissects the causes of negative thinking processes and reveals their effects in a way that anyone can understand.